Tuesday, November 4, 2008


It’s been a while since I last had a legs’ day. Two weeks in fact going by Satish’s logbook. So my legs are silly aching and sore today from yesterday’s workout coupled with today’s 10km run. But at least I feel good having got the legs out of the way (for this week at least) – I hate legs’ workout!

Today’s run was good although as with the usual side effects – jammed second toe and blisters in the usual spots. Was actually itching to complete a 10km before the IOI run this Sunday. Fingers crossed I have no problem hunting down the place this weekend.

Been eating well too. Usual bread with peanut butter for breakfast, wheat sandwich and apple for lunch, crackers with peanut butter for tea. Bland dinner of noodles with wheat “fish cake”, carrots and turnips sans sauce – I’m actually liking it and don’t mind a bit. Carbo overload with the noodles?

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