Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bruises, sprains, etc

One of the (and the most significant!) perils of pole dancing, especially for beginners like me, is the multiple and ugly bruises you get. And it runs all the way from your thighs to your ankles. When you think you’re almost over them, it’s time for the week’s class or practice session and there you…again! Last weekend’s class coupled with a Monday practice session was particularly merciless for me, bruises wise as well as the inclusion of a maiden wrist sprain.
Think it was while executing “superman” – yeah they have terms like this too! – scale up the pole, clamp it with your thigh and bum muscles to hold you in place before you release your hands and move one of it under your bum. This serves as a seat cum additional support for staying up on the pole (though the clamping bit is supposed to be the ONE). To get to this stage, you’ll somehow need to rotate your shoulder and pull it back – a bit of like opening your chest or sternum and pulling your shoulder blades down and together.
Wait…this is the best part. You lean back till you’re almost horizontal and your other hand does whatever tricks or waves to the audience. Yeah right! Staying in place is already a mind boggling challenge!

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