Thursday, May 2, 2019

Mid week break

Was good! I think the work week should have a mid week break. Period. Work 2-3 days, day break to recharge, work 2-3 days before the weekend. 

Spent Wednesday morning traversing DH with the TPRC gang and rounding up with a loop around LG (this was solo but since it was a small loop, no biggie). Shower and quick brekkie before meeting Jess on the mat and let me tell you this…it was a sweaty mess alright.

Decided to move up today’s run to yesterday coz you know, you know…to spend time with the TPRC hommies. Back to the grind today – workout and work wise.

Upper Body Workout

Supersets of:
(a)    Incline BB bench press (this was tough coz of the incline angle)
(b)    Close grip lat pull down
(c)     DB chest fly
(d)    Cable reverse pull

Supersets of:
(a)    DB bench chest press
(b)    DB bendover wide row
(c)     Cable tricep pressdown
(d)    DB bicep curl

by which time, I was HALF DEAD! Coz coz coz you know ya…we’re working on 5-sets of “low reps”, the latter being a misnomer coz it was definitely NOTlow reps” when you’re end up doing 15 reps. And S sprung a surprise by making me do this!!!!

Supersets of:
(a)    Close grip row
(b)    Push-ups
which thankfully was only 3 sets!

Client lunch today was a draggy, slow event and I was glad to “escape” early with the syndicate guys since they had to man their desks.

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