Friday, March 21, 2014

Five Things Friday

Catch up time. Here’s this week’s workout and run recaps. Yes, it’s been a long and stressful week.

1.        Monday: Back & Lats. Surprisingly, I didn’t need that much help with the pull-ups and chin-ups. Maybe I’m speaking too soon? Let’s see how it pans out the next time. Make up run around the neighbourhood before strength training > on account of this.

2.        Tuesday: {Super early} run date with Kenny; out-and-back to the train station. Felt good.

3.        Wednesday: Double workout day. Chest & Pecs in the morning and a short run in DPC after work. It was good to see lots of peeps in MWM’s vest including the lovely and awesome race director.

4.        Thursday: Another {early} run date with Kenny; same route. A bit tired and lethargic towards the end. Spent a lovely evening Whatsapp-ing with the sharman (yes, you read that read right).

5.        Friday: we were undecided if we could go ahead with a Legs workout as I woke up in the middle of the night with a severe painful cramps on my right calf. Initial plan – combo of legs and shoulders with {non-negotiable} option to go all out on Legs come Monday. Result – heavyduty Legs workout. IOMS time!

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