Thursday, February 14, 2013

{New} Taman Desa Run – 14 February 2013

Let's start off with this: Happy Valentine's Day!

Route: Seputeh – Taman Desa
Distance: 6.00km (Garmin)
Timing: 33:16 for 5:32 min/km pace

New route or rather a modified one since Kenny moved to his temp place. Anyway, it’s just around the corner from his previous place. Ok, that’s the consolation; the bad news: the last 500m home = the steepest hill you’ll ever encounter (think: the “Wall” at the hockey stadium/DH route). This was our second run since he moved in early February – we ran the same route last week.

Seputeh – foot of Taman Desa (1.682kmkm; 9:40)
Slight rollers in the first 200m but nothing heart stopping (spoiler alert!) until we hit Old Klang Road (coming out before Shell). So far so good. Even Old Klang Road was {almost} bereft of vehicles this morning courtesy of the extended CNY weekend and school hols I guess. So not looking forward to next week’s traffic madness.

Climb to Taman Desa hilltop (1.783km; 10:19)
Know what’s tough with running with Kenny? He always throw in the spanner mid run! He’ll tell you the route but you never know if this was going to be a tempo or interval or fartlek or “race up the hills” or recovery run. Take your pick. Hint: me = close-to-labored breathing.

Taman Desa hilltop – Seputeh via Old Klang Road and furniture mall (2.531km; 13:13)
>insert breathing theme from above

>insert breathing theme from above

>insert and double up breathing theme from above when you co-join the last 500m of the route to the short-lived downhill sprint from Taman Desa

Thursday’s Mantra: 3Rs - Rest, Re-hydrate, Re-fuel.

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