Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Starting Anew – 14-Day Challenge: Day 4

Michael is down with an ENT infection but I managed to snag Nick to help me out this morning. You know how it’ll end if left to my own devices. Nah, I wouldn’t have skipped it but would probably end up clocking another hour on the elliptical. BTW, the elliptical cross trainers and I are now BFFs.

Today’s workout:
a) Morning yoga – self practice: Sun Salutations (short one since I knew I would be putting in a strength training)
b) Short warm up on the elliptical cross trainer
c) Back/Lats & Chest Workout

Working with Nick on supersets and we managed to put in quite a few workout! A nice change of pace from the singles diet I’ve been on! Most of the stuff we did this morning were “new-to-me or it’s-been-a-while-since-we-were-acquainted”.

Supersets of:
a) Bench chest press (oh wow! The second and third were heavy! Ok, that’s like a given, right?)
b) DB single arm row

Supersets of:
c) DB chest fly (nearly smashed my Botox-ed face on the second in a moment of not concentrating! Note to self: focus woman!)
d) LF cable low row

Supersets of:
e) Nautilus Nitro Plus incline chest press
f) Technogym low row (oh hi hi!)

Supersets of:
g) Nautilus Nitro Plus pec fly
h) Cybex back extension

Supersets of:
i) Cybex incline chest press (super not super for sure! Though I must admit it got ok-ish after the first)
j) Technogym pulldown

It was over way too soon!

Challenge: Checked!

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