Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Desa Park City Run – 8 October 2012

Route: 1 outer lap + 1 inner lap around Desa Park City
Distance: 8.27km (Garmin)
Timing: 44:39 for 5:23 min/km pace

Kenny was doing his long run and the plan was to join him for a portion of that. It’s always, 100% of the time, scary and stressful for me to run with him – he’s super speedy, hence I only run with him on his warm up laps or if he’s doing a REALLY SLOW long run, which naturally means it’s a faster pace for me. I used these babies which I got from James last Friday – Vibram Seeya – it’s the same model, colour and size of the one I’m currently using, so no issue with breaking them in etc. My currently-still-presentable KSOs is on its dying days and I can’t think of anyone heading to the US in the near future to pick up any Seeya-s for moi.

Outer Lap (6.098km; 33:33)
Trailing him on the first 2km where we were joined with his friend. Now, that distance widens when we trudge up the 1km slope: him in the lead, me in the middle and his friend just a few steps behind me. Whizzed the downhills – yup, quads thrashing but I still love it.

Checked the splits this morning: it’s almost spot on at our target pace: 5:30min/km, except for the uphill and downhill portions which probably evened it out.

Inner Lap (2.172km; 11:04)
I was surprised when he decided to loop around the lake instead of taking the outer loop or at least head up to the International School turnaround. I’m not one for doing loops or coming back to the start/finish point – I give up mentally and just want to stop. Which was why we continue running past the start point instead of stopping for a sip of water like last week. Again, even splits at 5:05min/km.

Kenny W is the perfect pacer! I’m so gonna stalk him on runs from now on!

I love running in DPC – the atmosphere, the uncluttered sidewalks, no broken tiles, the views at the top – especially the uphill route when it’s lighted up at night and the amazing city lights you see when you FINALLY get to the top. It’s a tough route but oh so, totally worth it.

Giving the legs a rest today and did an easy pace cross training on the elliptical this morning.

Totally randon pic – PB from Jeff! He was distributing these and the Skippy ones during the talk on Friday night. Right, that’s one item off this week’s grocery list.

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