Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Monday’s Workout

Trying to finish up the race recaps for Singapore Flyer 5k 2012 and Nike Goddess 5k 2012 in between idling in the office juggling the mountainous amount of tasks/to-do-list at work. Recaps are done, waiting for the results so I could put the final piece in the puzzle before hitting “Publish Post”. In the meantime, would you like to hear about my crapshoot DOMS??? Yeah, figured so too. DOMS from these

Single set of:
a) Smith machine bench chest press (darn you! Because of ya, I’m having DOMS now!)

Supersets of:
b) Wide angle push-ups
c) LF cable chest fly (lots of support from Michael on this)

Single sets of:
d) DB incline chest press (where we went heavy…despite the feeble and phailed attempt at (c); dey, Michael just doesn’t learn, huh? Oh wait, maybe it’s my pecs who never learn to suck it up! Yeah, the problem is not you, it’s me.)
e) DB lateral raise (hey, I actually went in yesterday morning happily thinking we’ll be doing shoulders – less stressful mah! Of course, my happy bubble world collapsed when Michael asked if I wanted to do chest or back…at which point, I wished the ground under me would open.)
f) DB bench chest press (some funky modified one with a twist…whatever…phailed attempt at looking somewhat decent doing it)

Supersets of:
g) Free-standing dips
h) Low (and I mean really low) angled abs crunches

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