Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The hodge podge of lats with a bit of tricep

Michael and I worked on the back and lats this morning. We started slightly late but let me tell you this: it was the longest hour of my life. And toughest. At least for up to today. I’ll probably say the same thing on Friday.

Supersets of:

a) Free standing pull-ups (urgh! I can’t decide if doing it at the start or end of the session is “preferable”. Notice I did not say “easier” because nothing, nothing about pull-ups or chin-ups are easy. At least the unassisted ones.)

b) DB bendover back row

This superset was tough, with a capital T.

4 Single sets of:

c) LF cable lat pulldown (close grip)

d) LF cable dual handle back row

e) LF cable low row (wide grip) (eeekkksssssssssssssssss!)

f) DB bendover single arm row

g) French press / Skull crusher (Michael might as well have crushed me coz that’s exactly how 30lbs, not counting the bar, felt)

h) Abs crunches on fit ball

Other news

Looks like the pics from Sunday’s dinner are up. Link here. Kudos to the cameramen (and women). I think KK is right – I really like the pic of Kenny and I.

Photo credits to Tey.

Other other news

Chinese New Year is definitely on the way here. It’s been sweltering like crazy and I’ve had to lower the temps in the room countless times. Please don’t come high and mighty with me on green credits, saving the world, ecosystem blah blah blah…it’s practically a cooking oven in the house when I get home every night. Hands up those of you who have not been cranking down the temps on the AC?!

Other other other {mindless} chatter gossip news

Kenny has just confirmed that TPC is indeed “blur”. Apparently, the guy couldn’t find the front door of Kenny’s place on Monday! Backtrack: the guys were supposed to have a pit stop at the house after the first lap and Kenny passed the house keys to TPC as he had to make an unexpected pit stop along the route. TPC spent 15 minutes trying to find the front door; ok to be fair, there was also a sliding door and Kenny did pass him a bunch of keys…but STILL…he has been there numerous times and he did go through the door to drop off his bag before the start of the run.

How’s that for a mid week news?

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