Saturday, September 17, 2011

Functional & Plyometrics Friday

Sorry for the late was a holiday over here (or rather KL) yesterday and I got lazy (read: laze around and napped like a pig!). Anyway, thought I'll do a recap of yesterday's session with Michael. Isn't it great that we both work/think along the same lines without each other saying it out loud? I mean I tend to load up my workout in the beginning of the week and taper as we head to the weekend. And so, Friday sessions tend to be on a lighter side.Here's what we were up to yesterday, just one superset of:

a) Combo of single arm DB deadlift, clean-and-jerk/shoulder press and lateral raise

b) Push-ups - totals of full, halves (it's a bit like jumping back to plank and push-ups in the yoga sun salutation sequence) and Combo of Aeromat bicep curl and overhead shoulder press

c) Single leg kettle bell static lunges with legs raised on bench

d) Free standing chin-ups on True Stretch

e) Technogym cable bench chest fly

f) Technogym cable back press down

g) Abs crunches on fitball

I skipped Aron's farewell run in the morning because the ankle was swollen and angry (like really angry). Lucky I was able to get an appointment with Mr Soon in the evening to sort it out. Did I ever tell you he's magical??? Well, he is. Swelling was negligible this morning and I had no problem walking down the stairs. Let's hope it stays that well for tomorrow's run - I'm planning to take it easy for this one; no point killing myself.

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