Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Taman Desa Run – 16 August 2011

Distance: 5.96-6km (Garmin-less until I get my hands on the 610!)

Timing: 31:07 for 5:13 min/km pace

Kenny had planned to head to KL Sentral to buy his ticket for next weekend’s Ipoh-KL return trip after the Songkla Marathon and suggested we do a “speedy” 6km. Oh boy, it was speedy alright! Naturally, I fell back, like really back, something like 200 meters perhaps? But the final timing was about 17 seconds back. I guess the downhill portion towards the end helped TREMENDOUSLY, not saying that it was good on the knees and joints though.

I was feeling uninspired and unmotivated (due to work) when I arrived and was seriously questioning if I could even managed 1km. I guess speed/tempo-ish work can do wonders because it forces you to concentrate on running, your heartbeat, legs etc – well, it did for me because throughout the run, all I could think of was closing the gap between us (Kenny had pulled ahead even before the 1km mark) just so I don’t look ridiculous finishing 10 minutes back! Yes, I can be vain and competitive at times. Know something…soon we were hitting the 2km killer hills at Taman Desa and even sooner, the run was over. This was the first time I had the feeling “What?! That went by really quickly!” – anyone ever felt that way?

I rounded up the morning with an easy cross training on the elliptical for about 40 minutes before hitting the showers.

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