Friday, June 24, 2011

Five Things Friday

1. Has anyone heard of vinegar-inspired cake? Well it was a first for me when Aunty Mabel told me that she had mistook the red cake at Crowne Plaza as raspberry with desiccated coconut when it was vinegar-something-something. Well naturally, I changed the order immediately to Midnight Blue – apparently, it is a chocolate cake but designed differently from the double chocolate fudge we usually order. It will be a Pandora box surprise for everyone on Sunday evening.

2. Glutes and shoulders were sore yesterday, the former continuing today – all courtesy of Wednesday’s workout. I am not complaining per say; oh wait, does this sounds sado-masochistic? It is sore in a good way of course. Unfortunately, Michael had to cancel yesterday’s session but we should resume regular programming come Monday.

3. Tomorrow have been designated a recovery day, which means taking it easy or even resting my feet, hydrating and refueling. Actually, the last two started yesterday and will go on until Sunday night. What? What’s wrong with including Sunday? You have a problem with that?! Sunday is post-run recovery! Any excuse to have decadent meals, ok! And, we are going to have a decadent meal to celebrate SW and HTN’s first halfie (in a long time) as well as HTN’s birthday!

4. Buteyko has not been going too well this week. I think it has been a lack of focus and a wandering mind. The past weekend’s interpersonal problems have been bugging me – it has been replaying in mind over and over and over and over and over again, whether it’s in the gym, car, office, while running etc. Notwithstanding this, I have kept up with 4 rounds of MPs except for yesterday – this is in anticipation of missing Sunday’s practice.

5. Has anyone been to Angkor Wat? I am tossing the coin between Singapore, Siem Reap and Macau for a year-end getaway…if only there was a 3-sided coin.

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