Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Change Part II

Michael threw around the workouts slightly this morning – single sets but it was still the legs-and-shoulders combo.

Single sets of:

a) Technogym leg press (yup, it was back to 160lbs and I ‘attempted” to be a badass sista by warming up at 100lbs instead of the 80lbs Michael initially set up)

b) Cybex prone leg curl

c) DB walking lunges (this was the only superset, with item (d))

d) Technogym leg extension

e) Freemotion cable overhead shoulder press

f) Technogym cable rear delt

g) DB lateral raise

h) Precor camber bicep curl

i) Leg raises

Tentatively, we are meeting up tomorrow evening for another session since he will be away on Friday; tentative because I have a meeting in town and given the ever “superb” traffic conditions in the city center blah blah blah. That’s change nummer zwei today.

Let us talk about change nummer drei. I read this article by Peter this morning where talked about changing the mindset. How many times have we failed because we refuse to believe? Believe in ourselves, trust ourselves, partner, family and friends, have faith in our training. I tend to falter towards the tail end of my races and giving myself too much slack (it is ok to back off, I’m hurting etc) and you know what…it’s the mind that gives up first before the legs or the lungs. Thinking I can never hit a sub-50 or a sub-45 for a 10k; just look at Sundown. This is something I need to work on.

It is the same with interpersonal relationships. I need to visualize developing and maintaining healthy relationships with the people in my life. Each has their character and personality and if I keep believing that because of such and such a personality will never do this or that, nothing will change and the both of us will be miserable. I need to believe that he or she will do this, will accede to this, will listen etc. I need to change if I want change in my life.

Does any of this make sense or am I crapping here?

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