Monday, January 3, 2011

Kicking start 2011

Michael and I kick started the first workout of the year with a back-and-legs combo this morning. It was not a too heavy-duty session as in he did not go crazy (at least not much) in loading up the weights although we did hit a few sweet spots e.g. hack squat. Last Friday’s drop sets were a killer and my legs were shox for the weekend; yes, even during the Klang New Year Run 2011 (race review coming up).

Supersets of:

a) Cybex hack squat (we went up to 600lbs! Yipee!)

b) Cybex seated leg raises

c) Free standing pull-ups

d) Plate weight bend over back row

Supersets of:

e) Technogym leg press (crappers! But at least we only top it off at 140lbs today)

f) Jumping squats (always a killer after any leg press)

g) Cybex low back row

Supersets of:

h) Cybex rotary hip (scored on this as well)

i) Freemotion double handle back row (back and arm muscles opening like a butterfly)

j) Cybex standing calf raises (yeah, why do we have to do so many calf raises in a day?!)

Supersets of:

k) LF cable tricep pressdown with short iron bar

l) Abs crunches on medicine ball

m) Plank

I took it easy yesterday and scored! I hit all the right paces during the short recovery run and the elliptical cross trainer before heading for a stretch out yoga session. Thereafter it was lunch and a nap. I was practically napping every afternoon last week and it helped me get on track on every single workout, which of course means I need to hit the bed earlier these days if I am to get enough rest. This is going to be tough looking at some of the deals we have going in the office.

Kenny and I had a chat last night about my training programme after I jokingly told him to coach me. Yeah, he took it mighty seriously but hey, it works me too! It is more or less in line with my plan: 4-5 runs a week with

a) tempo-ish run of 9-11km on Wednesday / adiNation Training Run

b) speed / track work of 8*400m @ 1:45 min

c) LSD of 15-20km

d) 2 easy runs of 8-10km in between

The target is to hit a sub-50 for a 10km. All of it sounds so daunting but Kenny offered to pace me for the track and LSD (if Kei Ming is not available). I was hesitant about asking him for the LSD since he probably wants to go faster but he assured me that he could still hit his miles at a faster pace earlier and then join me for my LSD. God sent pressie for the New Year!

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