Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesday’s Disastrous Leg Workout

For some odd reason, my legs gave way during the Cybex plate loaded squat press! I had refueled adequately and rested well all of Tuesday and was feeling good heading to the gym in the morning. Anyway, a quick take of my workout (am up to my neck with work):

Supersets of:

a) Combo of BB deadlift and clean-and-jerk

b) LF cable close grip lat pulldown

c) BB back row

Supersets of:

d) Smith machine squats

e) Cybex plate loaded squat press

f) Jumping lunges

Supersets of:

g) Smith machine chest press

h) Combo of DB incline chest press and chest fly

i) Raised pushups

Supersets of:

j) Prone DB pullover

k) Abs crunches

Michael wants me to rest and he is right. I do need to rest both physically and mentally. I have a suspicion that the squat press fluke was due to the latter.

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