Friday, April 16, 2010

Drop sets

It was a drop-sets session this morning and as always, it was tough doing it but the highs and feel-good feelings after a tough workout is indescribable. It was a drop sets cum supersets for each muscle group and we began with the back.

Supersets of:
a) Drop sets of low row
b) Single arm DB row

Supersets of:
c) Drop sets of incline chest press
d) BW push ups

Supersets of:
e) Drop sets of leg press
f) Prone leg curl

Supersets of:
g) Hoist tricep push down
h) Abs crunch

Michael asked if I wanted to do a session of stretching and I figured why not, just for kicks and see what it is all about. We will probably pencil in one session next week or the next.

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