Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hong Kong here I come!

I’m so looking forward to our trip to Hong Kong (HK) this weekend. Aunty Mabel and I were discussing our itineraries last night and it looks like we are heading to City Outlet in Tung Chung on Friday. I may join them for the half-day city tour on Saturday and thereafter head to Times Square for more shopping or back to Tung Chung if I did not manage to walk the entire City Outlet on Friday evening. The latter is a huge possibility! There’s just much I want to get – wallet and coin purse, bags (though I may get a pre-loved one from Milan Station), clothes, gym wear, shoes, cosmetics. The list is endless!

Horry and I have made plans for an early dinner on Saturday; we’re hoping Richard could join us as he hasn’t replied to Horry’s message. We’ll probably head to a Chinese vegetarian place – hey, it was Horry’s idea! Unfortunately every other person I know in HK is busy this weekend – Ding is heavily pregnant; the MBA gang is either away in Cambodia for a charity trip, have birthday parties or family events to attend; Stephen is away for business.

I’m less concerned about food for this trip because I know it’ll be a shopping and gastronomic adventure when I head to Bangkok and HK (yeah, again!) next month. The ever dependable Yiu Ming have more or less worked out an itinerary – an award winning chef dinner in each city, Chinese desserts in Mid Levels HK, shopping galore in MBK, Central World, factory outlets (Bangkok), City Outlet, Times Square (HK). Hopefully I get to meet up with everyone then.

I was mighty pleased to discover the long hidden Employee Share Option Scheme – Group Human Resources sent out an email a couple of weeks ago reminding us to exercise our options this year since the scheme expires on 29 December. I’ve only dispose 25% so far – more than enough to finance my trips! I must thank Brother Oceanus! The tide seems to have turned or at least the hemorrhaging has stopped!

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