Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pole dance assessment and Pole access

Sam emailed us the assessment guideline on Sunday night and I guess most (if not all) of us are probably cracking our heads to come up with two routines for the video. I spent most of this week sweating out about the routines.

Truth be told…most of the spins, climbs, inverts and holds are not that difficult, statically. The snag lies in choreographing them together into a continuous dance move with a track.

My preliminary thoughts for the two routines:

Routine 1

  • One hand sunwheel
  • Combo of one hand chair and fireman
  • Stripper climb
  • At the top of the pole – alternate full bracket hold of carousel and boomerang
  • Aerial invert
  • Descent
  • Side spin
  • Reverse grab back spin
  • Alternate invert of Scorpio and Gemini
  • Handstand variation
  • Descent plank
  • Superman

Routine 2

  • Combo of forearm chair and fireman
  • Forearm back hook
  • Classic climb
  • Straight leg release
  • Alternate forearm grip hold of carousel and boomerang
  • Descent
  • Corkscrew
  • Invert Gemini into butterfly
  • Descent turning or plank into Superman

I wish pole access hours were extended to 2200 hours instead of the current 2130 hours on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. At the current hours, I would need to leave at 1800 hours in order to shower and complete my Buteyko and make it to Casablanca at 2030 hours to get at least an hour of practice. And this is based on the perfect assumption of not having to search for a parking space and no traffic holdups.

The alternative would be to head straight for practice before going home – something I don’t favour since I’ll probably be constantly thinking about the yet unfinished Buteyko.

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