Saturday, February 21, 2009

Running out of steam

Pretty exhausted and it’s only just past 11 am on a Saturday. This is one of those Saturdays with a whole host of stuff and errands to get done.

This morning’s training was tough or perhaps it’s just me. Tough week – lack of a shut eye coupled with intense workouts. Didn’t think I put in enough effort today. Thinking of taking a day off tomorrow. Will see how it goes tonight.

I’m guessing it’ll be another late night. It’s Guna’s wedding reception – poolside party at his place.

So this morning/afternoon it’ll be manicure/pedicure session with Shelly followed with a facial session with Sharon. Oh that’s right, my right foot big toenail is hanging by the thread. Pretty worried about it and have been plastering it during my runs – just so I won’t accidently kick and break it off. Fingers crossed zero fungus.

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