Friday, January 30, 2009

Chinese New Year!

Came back on the second day of the lunar new year. As usual, it was a low key event for us. Just a dinner on the eve and on the first day, the requisite visit to grandma.

Had our reunion dinner at Equatorial Penang's Golden Phoenix. From the comments gathered around the table, the chef wasn't that great (since I had a separate order of a vegan meal). Guess next year we may trudge to G Hotel.

Recount of some of the dishes: yee sang; platter of fried prawns and soft shelled crabs; fish maw, abalone and scallop soup (shark's fins effectively banned years ago); steamed chicken in soup; steamed cod fish; buttered prawns; stir fried mushroom, sea cucumber and veg, fried noodles. Joined everyone for dessert. A unique concoction of cendol, sago and coconut milk - with black sesame see tong yuen!

Back at work yesterday and have been pretty tied up up to this morning.

And it's coffee and gossip session with YM tonight!

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