Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Breakfast at Ground Floor Toast Box Mid Valley City!

Was a total disappointment on Sunday. Firstly the queue was maddening and it took me a good 10-15 minutes to place my order. That was because the staff was busy placating the customers who were left waiting for their eggs which came with the breakfast sets they had ordered earlier. The staff should have just taken these customers aside to explain the situation instead of doing it over the counter and thus letting the queue build up. It would be a definite turn off for any potential customers who might have considered having a meal there if not for the queue.

Next up was the wait time. It took close to 35-45 minutes for my order to arrive. I looked at the receipt and clearly printed there was 9:39 am; I checked with the staff on my order at 10:10 am – for which I was told “It’s coming. We’ll bring it to your table.” Golly, it takes more than 30 minutes to prepare a peanut butter toast!

And when the food finally arrived…clearly my earlier reminders to the staff was translated into a hastily prepared meal. The bread used was not the usual thick bread used; instead it was the one used for the kaya-butter toast (which is thinner) and the peanut butter spread…was a thin film.

Was mad (and cheesed off) enough to write in to Breadtalk yesterday. Will see if they ever reply (anyone wants to take a bet on this?).

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